Hunting with eagles

Hunting with eagles

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Kyrgyzstan is one of the fewest places on Earth, where real hungting with birds of prey is still practiced.

Training a bird is a very time-consuming and meticulous process. Especially, eagle training requires special mastery.

Usually deer, fox, lynx and other small animals are chosen as prey. A well-trained eagle is capable of killing even a young wolf. There are legends about some famous golden eagles, who were powerful enough to take snow leopards.

The season of hunting with eagles in Kyrgyzstan begins in October and ends in February. Nowadays in order not to let this art to die out, competitions between falconers are held every year, where enthusiasts have a chance to watch the spectacular performance of these beautiful birds.

Special hunting shows are arranged individually for guests and tourists in Issyk Kul, Naryn and areas nearby Bishkek. Rabbits, pigeons and fox skins are used as prey in these types of demonstrations.

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