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Destination Naryn

Naryn is a small city in Kyrgyzstan with a population of just over 30,000 people. Nevertheless, it is listed as the center of the Naryn region, in which all the administrative structures of the region and cultural and educational institutions are concentrated.

The city is located just a couple of hundred kilometers from the state border with China near the Bishkek-Torugart highway. The city occupies the banks of the Naryn river of the same name, which is spread in the mountains at an altitude of about 2 kilometers above sea level.

Almost the entire Naryn region, located in the southeastern part of Kyrgyzstan, is occupied by mountains. Periodically, mountain ranges are replaced by desert steppes or large forests, intermountain valleys and lakes.

The city of Naryn itself and its region can offer tourists a variety of tours, including not only active recreation, but also acquaintance with national traditions and characteristics, as well as trips to mountain springs and more.

It is much colder in Naryn than in other cities of the republic. The arid climate in summer provides not hot and dusty weather, and in winter severe frosts of about 20 degrees are not uncommon.

Arriving in Naryn, get ready for the fact that you will find yourself in an amazing land, which presents unique natural resources. The surrounding area enchants with picturesque landscapes of passes and gorges, the murmur of mountain rivers and waterfalls and the blue expanses of quiet lakes create a feeling of primevalness. In the region, you can even look at real glaciers, impressive with their permafrost. Adding the rich cultural heritage of the region to admiring the real nature, you can get the perfect vacation option for both the experienced traveler and the novice tourist who is just beginning to learn the charm and power of natural wealth.

Naryn is the cultural capital of the region. In addition to the university and museums, it houses several theaters. There are several hotels at the service of visiting tourists, for example, "Heavenly Mountains" or "Kerme-Too".

Most often, people come to Naryn in order to start a journey through the Tien Shan mountains. In addition to hiking, you can go on a horseback tour, as well as hunting. The mountains, among which the city is located, form a unique landscape of high mountain ranges, pleasant for admiring from the city.

The exact date of the settlement on this site is unknown. It is only clear from history that a trade route to Kashgar stretched nearby. Officially, the city was founded in 1868, when a garrison of the Russian army was formed on this site.

During the revolution, in the autumn of the 20th year of the last century, the city became a battlefield for two warring parties - the Communists and the White Army. The battle became one of the most significant historical events for the city, which claimed many lives. In the center of the city, authorities opened a memorial to the fallen soldiers.

The city's name has several origins. The most popular are the name of the horse meat dish and the word of Mongolian origin, which translates as "sunny".

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