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Destination Osh

Located in the fertile Ferghana Valley in southern Kyrgyzstan, Osh has served as the central city of Central Asia for three millennia, hosting travelers from all over the world. The sacred Suleiman-Too Mountain towers over the city center and once served as a beacon for Silk Road travelers and traders as they descended from the stunning Pamir-Alai Mountains nearby. Since being a trade center on the Silk Road, Osh has grown into a vibrant, multicultural city of over 80 ethnic groups, whose fascinating history lives on in the city's lively bazaars, culinary traditions and, above all, in its people. Osh is much more than just a name, it is a byword for hospitality and cordiality. Having hosted travelers for millennia, Osh offers a respite from your journey. No matter how far or how long you traveled to get here, there are thrilling experiences awaiting you that you won't find anywhere else.

Here in Osh, travelers are more than tourists, they are friends


Resource: https://destinationosh.com/ru/

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