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Issyk-Kul is the largest lake in Kyrgyzstan, surrounded on two sides by the Terskey Alatoo and Kungey Ala-Too ranges. It is widely believed that the name Issyk Kul in Kyrgyz means 'hot lake,' because the water in the lake never freezes. The name of the lake also bears religious significance. The adjective 'issyk' is phonetically modified form of the ancient Turkic word 'ydyk' which means 'sacred.' This unique lake was considered sacred among indigenous people. Located at an altitude of 1609 meters, the lake covers an area of 6236 km2 and has an average depth of 300 meters (although it can reach depths of 668 meters in some areas). It is one of the largest and deepest alpine lakes in the world. The coast is famous for its exceptional landscape and particular maritime climate.It is also the largest health resort zone in Central Asia, with numerous health resorts, hotels, and private guest houses, making it a top destination.


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