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Destination Karakol

The unique combination of history, cuisine, culture and nature of Karakol makes the city a natural attraction for travelers in Kyrgyzstan. With these features in mind, a non-profit organization to promote Karakol was established in March 2016, with a clear mission to create a strong, dynamic tourism industry that will make Karakol a better place for city dwellers to live.

The destination consists of more than 150 representatives of the tourism business - hotel service providers, restaurants, tour operators, local businesses and local authorities. NGO "Destination Karakol" focuses its efforts on several key areas: improving the standards of guest service; coordinating tourism marketing and product development efforts; strengthening the infrastructure of the city; availability of high quality tourist information through the Tourist Centre; and establishing partnerships with local, national and international organizations.
Destination Karakol is a registered non-profit organization. Some sources for maintaining financial stability and independence are organizing and running local tours, earning commissions from travel bookings, and selling postcards, maps, and other useful travel information at the Visitor Center. Everything you book on this website or purchase through the Destination Karakol Visitor Center supports the association and its ongoing tourism and community development activities.


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