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Welcome to the Batken region, one of the most amazing regions of Kyrgyzstan! Located in the farthest, southwestern part of the country, this region attracts tourists with its incredible natural beauty, rich historical heritage and unique culture. Let's take a look at some of the attractions that await you in the Batken region.

One of the main attractions of the Batken region is the Batken city - the main city of the region. Here you can get acquainted with the local culture and traditions, walk along the streets with ancient history and visit the local markets where you will find authentic goods and handicrafts.

One of the most outstanding sights of the Batken region is Aigul-tash Mountain, which means "Aigul Stone". Here grows the Aigul endemic flower, listed in the Red Data Book. Do not miss the opportunity to see the blooming of the unprecedented beauty of the Aigul flower with red-yellow petals, which blooms only once a year, in April, and the blooming period lasts about two weeks. The rocky mountain, literally studded with brightly colored flowers, is an amazing sight that cannot be seen anywhere else in the world. It creates a stunning atmosphere and great opportunities for photos and relaxation surrounded by beautiful nature.

The town of Uzgen is one of the oldest and historically significant parts of Batken province. Here you will find the Uzgen Mausoleum, dating back to the 11th century, which is a place of worship and a monument of local Islamic culture. The mausoleum is an important historical site and attracts many visitors with its architectural features and religious significance.

Sarkent National Park is another pearl of the Batken region. Here you can enjoy the rich diversity of flora and fauna. Walk along the picturesque trails and enjoy the views of mountain ranges covered with forests and rocks. Sarkent National Park also offers excellent opportunities for hiking and picnics in nature.

Lake Ai-Kul is one of the most beautiful lakes in the Batken region. Its name means "Moon Lake" and it is characterized by its crystal clarity and surrounding mountains. Lake Ai-Kul offers opportunities for swimming, fishing and picnics, as well as stunning views of the surrounding nature.

Karavshin Gorge is a paradise for mountaineering and rock climbing enthusiasts. Here you will find numerous cliffs, rock walls and unique mountain routes. Karavshin Gorge is a popular place among climbers from all over the world and offers unforgettable adventures and impressions.

"Discover Kyrgyzstan" invites you to discover the unrivaled beauty and unique heritage of the Batken region. Get ready for an unforgettable journey where amazing landscapes, historical sights and meetings with hospitable people are waiting for you. Vivid impressions and unforgettable moments are waiting for you in the Batken region of Kyrgyzstan.

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