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There is an amazingly beautiful valley called Chong-Kemin between Kungey Ala-Too and Ile Alatau ranges that stretches more than 100 km from east to west. The river in the valley is also called Chong Kemin and it flows into the Chu river where the Boom Gorge starts. It is a well known destination among white water rafting and kayaking enthusiasts. The valley covers the territory of the Chong-Kemin State Nature Park. The park is the habitat of animals such as alpine ibex, argalis, martens, ermines, rock partridges, snow leopards, deer, Turkestan lynxex, golden eagles, saker falcons, and bearded vultures. In the park, there is also the mausoleum of Shabdan Baatyr, a Kyrgyz historic figure who took active role in accession of Kyrgyz people to the Russian Empire in the 19th century.


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