Музей Г. Айтиева

Музей Г. Айтиева

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The museum was founded on January 1, 1935. The basis was made up of 72 works by Russian artists received from the State Tretyakov Gallery and the Hermitage. But most importantly, the museum covers the works of artists and sculptors of Kyrgyzstan of both the Soviet era and the present, as well as objects of decorative and applied art of the Kyrgyz people, which in full allows you to see and talk about the stages of development of Kyrgyz culture and art and the formation of a national school of professional fine arts. Among the authors of eminent works presented in the museum, it is worth highlighting G. Aitiev, S. Chuikov, S. Akylbekov, L. Ilyina, T. Sadykov, T. Herzen, etc. The museum is systematically replenished with works by artists of Kyrgyzstan and today the museum has about 18 thousand exhibits.


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