Breathtaking Mountain Lakes

There are more than 2000 high-altitude lakes nestled in Kyrgyzstan’s Tien Shan mountain range. Since antiquity, people have passed on many legends about the origins of these spectacular lakes. Lake Son-Kul, at more than 3000 meters above sea level, draws visitors from around the world. Several yurt camps along its shores offer a unique glimpse into the mountain traditions of Kyrgyz nomadic culture. The resorts and guest houses surrounding Lake Issyk-Kul – the second deepest lake in the world, at 668 meters – offer visitors a touch of beach experience at the center of the great Asian land mass. Fed by hundreds of underground springs, its name means 'hot lake' because the mildly saline lake never freezes. Lake Issyk-Kul offers a breathtaking view of its dozens of encircling mountain peaks. This ring of mountains protects Issyk-Kul from cold air invading from the north and hot air rising from the south, granting travelers a pleasant and comfortable microclimate that offers every opportunity for rest and relaxation. Mountain-sea breezes, low humidity, clean air, abundant solar heat, water infused with therapeutic minerals, hot springs, and mud treatments will revive the health and spirits of all visitors. Sports enthusiasts can also enjoy sailing on the lake.