Ethnic Cuisine

Nomadic life has left an indelible mark on the culinary heritage of the Kyrgyz people. Ownership of livestock was the primary indicator of material wealth among Kyrgyz nomads, and, accordingly, meat was and still is the star of Kyrgyz cuisine. Beef, lamb, and goat that are grazed in mountain jailoos, continue to dominate the table of Kyrgyz families and their frequent guests. Vegetables and grains, for example, require cultivation of the land, and, therefore, were not a staple of the traditional Kyrgyz diet. The incomparable beshbarmak ('five fingers') is often a standard item on menus. Prepared through a unique process, the lamb is finely minced with a sharp knife then boiled with wheat noodles and flavored with a spiced onion sauce, called chyk. When eating beshbarmak, it is advisable to forget about cutlery and just use your fingers so that you can concentrate fully on the flavors while you sip the drink of nomads, kymyz – sour mare’s milk. In all typical meals, there is a wide selection of cold starters, generally sausages and meat delicacies.